Order Vegan Pizzas Online in Genoa

The Line of Vegan Pizzas was born from the desire to introduce the true vegan cuisine, tasty, tasty and delicious, as well as healthy and respectful towards animals and the environment.

The goal is a menu that meets the taste of everyone, vegans, Vegatarians and omnivores with a gourmet pizza that uses high quality raw materials, as much as possible at 0 km and seasonal, as the vegan cuisine provides.

In short, if you need to vary your diet, if you are curious about experimenting with new products, if you are intolerant or allergic to lactose, if you do not want to feed the dairy market for the sake of animals and in particular of the calf pups deprived of mother’s milk, you just need to test our 100% vegetable cheeses.

I want to clarify that in this section the cheeses are free of cholesterol, lactose and casein and contain far fewer calories and fat than cow’s milk cheese, which makes them ideal for a slimming diet, always to be followed after advice from a nutritionist.
Good vegan cheeses for everyone and let us know which is your favorite Pizza!

Vegan Margherita

Pizza Pizzeria Carignano
    • € 5.50

Tomato Sauce, Vegan Cheese

Vegan Primavera

Pizza Pizzeria Carignano
    • € 7.30

Tomato Sauce, Vegan Cheese, Arugula, Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic

Vegan Ortolana

Pizza Pizzeria Carignano
    • € 7.00

Tomato Sauce, Vegan Cheese, Fresh Eggplant, Zucchini, Peppers, Onions

Vegan Puglia

Pizza Pizzeria Carignano
    • € 6.30

Tomato Sauce, Vegan Cheese, Onions